Exciting music, a breathtaking light show, an impressive world premiere. On Saturday, the 20th of January, BAVARIA YACHTS presented the new BAVARIA R55 to the public at the boot in Düsseldorf. Just as breathtaking and impressive is the elegant design, luxurious features and powerful performance of BAVARIA YACHTS' new super motor yacht.

Developing a modern yacht always presents designers with the same challenge: finding the ideal balance between the exterior and interior. In the case of the BAVARIA R55, our team managed to give it a slim and highly dynamic exterior design while creating an extraordinary amount of space inside. It is unique in this class and an absolute benchmark in terms of design, elegance and performance.

'The BAVARIA R55 combines decades of yacht-building knowledge. It is a milestone which future owners will derive pure pleasure from on account of its incomparable, extremely safe boat feel and because of the numerous other pioneering features on board', explains Robert Chaffer, Product Manager of the BAVARIA R55.

She was constructed by J&J Design who already designed the successful BAVARIA R40 for BAVARIA YACHTS. The drive is looked after by IPS propulsion with either two 600 hp or two 725 hp. What makes the IPS drive unit in the new BAVARIA R55 so special? It’s a forward-facing contra-rotating propeller system, which is much more efficient than conventional shaft drives, since the driving force runs parallel to the surface of the water. This results in better acceleration combined with up to 30 % less fuel consumption and 40 % more range. But that’s not all: this yacht is 20 % faster as well – because all the power flows into the drive.

Future owners of the new BAVARIA R55 will be able to choose from two interior versions: white oak and walnut. But that’s not all. Everything is hand-selected. Take the high-grade aniline leather. And the trendy decorative cushions that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The sleeping area is a dream: a luxurious memory foam mattress as standard or, as an upgrade, an innerspring mattress with a memory foam topper. Surrounding the king-sized bed there’s a beautifully soft, deep-pile carpet to round off the feeling of luxury perfectly.

'We wanted to create something new and very special. It took care, time and immense attention to detail. For the interior we always opted for precisely the material, the fabric and the lighting which we thought would meet our high standards, and especially those of future owners', Robert Chaffer continues.

As soon as you set eyes on the BAVARIA R55, you can recognise its dynamism and elegant sportiness. That becomes all the more clear when its athletic hull rises out of the water. But our design team thought up something extra-special and extravagant: the 'knife blade design', which flows sideways into the front area of the hull, giving the yacht an extra-sporty touch.