Two helmstands, one big benefit.

It is always enormously important to have a good view when sailing. That’s why the BAVARIA NAUTITECH 40 OPEN has a twin helmstand, allowing you to keep an eye on everything and communicate using gestures. An enlarged sail area and a perfectly tuned rig make sailing lots of fun.

Elegant lines give the boat an athletic look.

Exhilarating sailing in all kinds of wind conditions.

Twin helmstand for a better view and better interaction with crew.

Easy to handle on any trip.

Leave boredom behind on land.

Simply enjoy life from sunrise to sunset and beyond. Relaxing or sunbathing on the big webbing between the hulls at the bow. Snorkelling, diving, stand-up paddling. The BAVARIA NAUTITECH 40 isn’t just huge, it guarantees a huge amount of pleasure – for everyone on board.

Space for all kinds of sporting equipment. Perhaps you want to explore the surroundings or declare the sea an amusement park?

Perfect deck layout with plenty of opportunities to sunbathe.

Made for pure relaxation. This is all part of sailing: enjoying the peace, the sea and the setting.

Just having a good time.

Lots of space means lots of fun.

Pleasure is what counts – and enjoying the peace and quiet. For some, it’s a favourite activity on board. That’s why we’ve made the webbing at the front so big. If you feel like a change, try the aft bathing platform: it isn’t just for bathing.

Lots of space for relaxing and enjoying.

Relaxing on the bathing platform.