Enough space for absolutely everything.

BAVARIA YACHTS regularly comes up with new innovations. In the BAVARIA E34, it’s the fact that everything is centrally arranged: the lounge, the galley, the helmstand. Everything appears as one and blends together. The same goes for the outside: pass through the big door to the cockpit, which merges with the saloon inside. There’s lots of light thanks to numerous electrically operated roof hatches.

Perfectly balanced between social and private spheres: each cabin has its own entrance.

You can opt for a TV on board if you want to enjoy movie evenings.

Every single centimetre used for storage space.

In the Sedan version, lots of skylights mean lots of daylight.

True delight – day and night.

A spacious owner’s cabin is situated in the bow of the BAVARIA E34. What’s special here is that one bed can become two, which you can slide apart. To ensure maximum privacy, each cabin has its own entrance as well as a separate bathroom and toilet – all fitted out with top-grade materials, as you would expect on a BAVARIA yacht.

Huge owner’s cabin: unusual in this class of ten-metre excursion yachts.

You can sleep separately if you want – but still together.

Togetherness, but with space for yourself.

It’s important to have a place to retreat on board a yacht, whether you’re the parents or the children. Each need their own realm and it has to be peaceful and away from the engine room. Each cabin has its own bathroom, including toilet and shower. Time together is spent in the saloon, the cockpit and on deck.

Privacy guaranteed: each cabin has a separate bathroom with a toilet and shower.

Great materials, masses of space: bathroom with shower and toilet.