More views of simply everything.

You will have the best view of the sea and nature from any place on board of the BAVARIA E40 SEDAN. We call it 360-degree panorama design.

Life and living in one cozy space.

Efficiency wherever you look. From the helmstand you need only take one step and you’re standing in the galley – which is fully equipped with stove, oven and large refrigerator. And until you’re ready to enjoy your meal, you can savour the 360-degree views of nature. Take another step and you are sitting at the large saloon table. What more could you want?

Efficiency is also evident in the design of the galley.

Incredible details plus incredible views.

Views to cherish.

What is more pleasant than a lovely dinner with family or friends? That’s easy: a lovely dinner with family and friends along with breath-taking views. On the BAVARIA E40 you have a magnificent 360-degree view through the huge glass windows. As it gets darker, a clever lighting design with LEDs below deck supports the ambience. They will love it.

True highlights – the numerous skylights.

Space for friends and guests at the large salon table.

Have a good night - surrounded by good design.

Whether you choose the 2- or 3-cabin version for up to six people, everyone will sleep in heavenly peace on board. The master’s suite in the bow has a king‐size bed and a clever lighting concept from hull windows and large deck hatches, plus a private bathroom and shower. Up to four guests can be accommodated aft – and get a good night’s sleep. And here, too – it goes without saying – a large bathroom.

The sea is always in view: aft cabin no. 1.

The same luxury port side: aft cabin no. 2.

Convenience for both cabins: the guest bathroom. 

Light and ventilation for the bathroom.