Superior, even below deck.

Below deck, the BAVARIA R40 FLY exudes luxury in the saloon and the two cabins.

When the kitchen becomes a saloon - and vice versa.

Excellent design is characterised by the fact that it does not try to take centre stage. The kitchen on board the BAVARIA R40 FLY is a prime example: our team has practically integrated it into the saloon – or the saloon into the kitchen. The kitchen is so unobtrusive that it looks more like an elegant piece of furniture right opposite the comfortable lounge seating area.

Everything under control thanks to perfect ergonomics: the helmstand.

Big becomes bigger: the saloon table folds out.

Multilayered painting of wood parts
Variety of wood types in our joinery

Lovely panoramic views on all sides.

This is what a saloon should look like. Just the brightness alone already gives you a sense of well‐being – the huge glass windows let in plenty of light. Another important factor is the choice of precious materials – the wood, the fabrics, the upholstery. It is a simply wonderful place to best enjoy your time under way.

Even the sideboards are a pleasure – the quality designer worktop.

The salon with lot of light and elegance.

A dream of luxury.

The BAVARIA R40 FLY has two suites with king-size beds, lovingly crafted wood finishes and each its own bathroom, which has separate showers and porcelain washbasins. The owner’s cabin aft offers besides a king-size bed also an elegant sofa for all kinds of rest and relaxation. The guest cabin has a special feature: thanks to a clever mechanism, the double bed can be converted into two single beds – and the other way around, of course.

A gigantic bed and a comfortable sofa … what more could you want?

Stylish down to the smallest detail: the bathroom.

Only the best for your guests.

You want your guests to feel like royalty. No problem on the BAVARIA R40 FLY – the VIP cabin in the bow meets every demand. The carpet alone already ensures a pleasant feeling of wellbeing. And so does the light – daylight streams through a large deck hatch, while ambient lighting gives the room the desired mood. A huge bathroom including separate shower completes the comfortable amenities.

Bright, cozy, simply lovely – the guest cabin’s berth and bathroom.

Noble valves and accessories at the bath.