Always Recording and Always Available

Track - Connected Vessel System

Maintain peace of mind with 24/7 real‐time recording of your boat with Track. Leading into unrivaled territory, this is the low‐cost vessel monitoring solution for all boat owners.

Connecting any boat to the cloud, Track records onboard information to provide boat owners and fleet operators an easy solution to vessel monitoring via smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • WiFi: Perfect for monitoring at the marina or connecting to a WiFi hot spot onboard.
  • Cell‐Fi: Peace of mind while your boat is at the marina, inshore and offshore within cellular coverage.
  • Satellite: Premium global coverage using Iridium satellites


Engine data and satellite coverage will be available in early 2018.

Track Features

  • Constantly monitors, logs and transmits important vessel security information, navigation data, usage and sensor data.
Battery Back‐up
  • Internal battery back‐up power for up to 30 days after external battery power has been disconnected or exhausted
Automated Email
  • Instant notifications for engine, safety, security via email.
Track App
  • Access your dashboard via the Track mobile app for Apple or Android devices.
Always Recording
  • Track automatically stores up to a month’s worth of complete vessel, engine and navigation data.
Geo‐fence Zones
  • Geo‐fence your boat and stay informed of the the boat’s position to keep your boat secure.
Boat Maintenance
  • Track sends email alerts. As issues occur, a service tech and/or dealer can have access to review recordings before and after every alert.
  • You can request your vessel to provide an instant update of its Latitude & Longitude position.

Premium Features

Whether for service or for pleasure, save and share all your boating moments. Every time you use your boat, Track captures your location, the weather conditions, the depth of water, even your engine performance data. Wherever you go, the photos you take while on your voyage can be synced with the recorded vessel information for playback and sharing via email, or social media.

Remote Switch Control
Manage up to three separate circuits onboard the boat. These switch outputs come standard with the Track hardware and can be custom configured to manage lights, bilge, etc. Each output is also monitored so no matter where you are, you will be able to tell if you left the lights on or the AC running.

Cloud Storage
Access, share and store photos and also important vessel documents, like work orders, invoices and maintenance records for your boat. This makes it simpler for you and your service tech to stay aligned on the service and maintenance status of your vessel by making vessel documents easy to access and share.

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For the Fleet Owner

Improved Efficiency
Fleet owners can benefit by knowing how their boats are being used by examining fuel, speed, depth and engine runtime data. This allows you to plan for proper boat use, which can improve the lifetime value of your boat investment.

Fleet Management
Provides an organized view of your global boat fleet including the location of each vessel. Fleets can be comprised of a single boat or multiple boats and can be grouped by geographic location geo‐fences and unique support personnel assignments.